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A chant sung by Barnet fans.

My old mans a dustman,
He wears a firemans hat.
He kiled ten thousand Germans
So what d'ya think of that?

One lay here, one lay there,
One lay round the corner,
One poor soul with a bullet up his hole was crying out for water.

Water, water, water.
Water came at last.
I don't want your water,
so stick it up your ...
Ask old Brown for tea
And all his family
If she don't cum, I'll tickle her bum
With a lump of celary

CELARY, CELARY. IF SHE DON'T COME I'LL TICKLE HER BUM WITH A LUMP OF CELARY...... (cue crowd throwing celary at each other, marvellous)

Circa 1995

Comments: A classic chant if ever there was one, though the days of throwing clary at each other sems well gone.

To the tune of: My Old Man's a Dustman



Votes: 52

Rating: 6/10 (52 votes cast)

Submitted by: Man in the Middle on Sunday 30 March 2008 at 13:43

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