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A chant sung by Liverpool fans about Everton.

Oh bitterness, bitterness
The only thing the blues possess,
I thank the lord that I’ve been blessed,
With none of the blue s***e bitterness.

To me this world is a wonderful place,
A red and white glow all over my face,
I feel so good to be alive,
European cups, oh we’ve got five.


The bitters were living in a land of dreams,
"you'll lose if you ever face a decent team",
But Juventus, Chelsea and Milan tried,
They all got beat so the blue s***e cried.


At half time AC thought they had us beat,
The blue s***e were dancing in the North Wales streets,
But Stevie G played like a man possessed,
So all they've got now is their bitterness.


They said Milan Baros was offside,
They say Steven Gerrard took a dive,
They say Jerzy Dudek shouldn't have no pride,
But they’ve got none and we’ve got FIVE.


Oh bitterness, bitterness,
The only thing that they possess,
If it wasn't for Heysel they would be
the best, but they prefer to live in Bitterness.

Comments: So true the Bitters can't take it.

To the tune of: Happiness by Ken Dodd



Votes: 71

Rating: 6/10 (71 votes cast)

Submitted by: RedGirlJo on Monday 31 March 2008 at 22:16

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