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A chant sung about Arsenal.

I'd hate to be at s**t old Arsenal,
what a bunch of s**t old A**e Holes!
now you're singing is all over,
sold your Song to Barcelona!
say goodbye to Fabregas,
got away from you at last!
chelsea was the place for Cole,
got away from your s**t hole!
city have both the Toures,
here's the start of your poor days!
you're losing players, what a pitty,
clichy, Nasri to Man City!
here's the proof you're getting worse,
william Gallas is at Spurs!
could Eduardo help you win?
no, he went and snapped a limb!
should have kept Adebayor,
sure you've heard that before!
almost forgot that you lost Reyes,
god, your're short on decent players!
diarra, Henry, Gilberto sold,
this patterns getting rather old!
you also lost Mathieu Flamini,
not many in the Arsenal Family!
now you're praying for some mercy,
united came Robin Van Persie!

Comments: Arsenal can sshhhh.



Votes: 31

Rating: 6/10 (31 votes cast)

Submitted by: jb on Tuesday 4 September 2012 at 01:58

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