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A chant sung by Benfica fans about Nico Gaitan.

Oh nico,so long ago

you strode on to the pitch

for the first time

far from the last

and saved a wretch like me

put on the wing, and ye begin
your legendary spell

for you put on me a trance
while ye swiftly dance

with a football between your feet.

you scored and scored, and I adored
your great and glorious skill
you scored more than defoe
diego, not quite teo,

now Nearly one30.

the only left mid that mattered amid
a club of 500
frank made you my captain
and bloody hell you have been

the only true one since then.

how many years ago did our nico
take such great penalties??

he scored assisted ran
picked up a couple of bans
never was a greater thing.

so fellow fans I must know is there better than nico

that's played for hayes FC??

gaitan I love you so

i want you so to know

you saved a wretch like me.

To the tune of: Amazing Grace



Votes: 23

Rating: 6/10 (23 votes cast)

Submitted by: on Tuesday 29 September 2015 at 21:08

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