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terrace chants tune logo Superstar by Jamelia


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A chant sung by Norwich City fans.

People wanna talk about, (yellows, yellows, yellows)
what Lambert's boys are all about, (yellows, yellows, yellows)
first thing's first we're Ipswich haters,
got that feelin' we'll beat you later.

There's something 'bout Holt that's got us grooving,
and we've got Wes who just keeps the ball moving,
we've got Cafu playing out wide,
and it took Jackson a while before he really arrived. (Then he scored sh*t-loads!)

I don't know what it is,
that makes us play like this,
you don't know who they are,
but Lambert's signed another superstar,
and you'll lose down Carrow Road no matter who you are.
(That includes Man U)

Comments: Come on you yellows, let's get this one going for the to0oneone-onetwo season! Otbc!

To the tune of: Superstar by Jamelia



Votes: 25

Rating: 7/10 (25 votes cast)

Submitted by: Jim Vanderpump on Saturday 25 June 2011 at 17:42

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