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A chant sung by Sunderland fans about Martin O Neill who is/ was manager of Newcastle United.

Oh we are the sunland
we are mental and barmy
he comes Marty
we're gonna have a party
the greatest man
in Sun der land
his glasses fell off
and the scum all coughed
cos it's party time

on wear side
up the league with Marty
on the Saturday it's a party
Newcastle are rubbish

and Marty said relax
we won 9-one
a hundred years ago
so get out the jelly
and rub your belly
cos we're gonna have a party all night
ohhh Marty Marty.

Comments: Sung at the away derby last year v scum at Sid James.

To the tune of: The Flintstones Theme Tune



Votes: 53

Rating: 9/10 (53 votes cast)

Submitted by: Norman Sunderland pattison on Wednesday 7 November 2012 at 15:14

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