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A chant sung by Maccabi Haifa fans.

(becoming crazy)
hadofek ole
(the heartbeat is getting faster)
ki rak MacCabi
(because only for MacCabi)
ani mekhake
(i'm waiting)
ze megiya
(it's coming)
tiri ze kore
(look, it happens)
(going mental)
kofetz kmo khole
(jumping like a sick person)
shetedi, kol hazman
(you should know, always)
kol daka vedaka rak otakh ani khayav lirot
(at every single minute I must see only you)
lo yakhol lekhakot
(can't wait)
layarok ani makhur
(i'm addicted to the green color)
ze tamid haya barur
(it was always clear)
shehashemesh lo tizrakh
(that the sun won't shine)
im ani po lo itakh
(if I'm not here with you)

Comments: Https://youtu.be/q9azziqoneasw.

To the tune of: Enrique Iglesias Feat. Wisin - Duele El Corazón



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Submitted by: Mcm Xiiii on Tuesday 6 June 2017 at 21:42

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