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A chant sung by Maccabi Haifa fans.

lolololo lolololololololo
kshe'at ola el hamigrash
(when you get on the pitch)
halev shuv O'Em
ve'ani nirgash
(the heart beats again
and I'm excited)
et kol khayay ani eten bishvilekh
(i'll give my whole life for you)
ve'ets'ak bekol et shmekh
(and I'll shout your name so loud)
haifa (Clap clap clap)
haifa (Clap clap clap)

Comments: Https://youtu.be/xm5jctoo37dm.

To the tune of: Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield



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Submitted by: Mcm Xiii on Thursday 28 June 2018 at 06:17

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