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A chant sung by Cheltenham Town fans about Julian Alsop.

Oh how we love (Repeat)
your goalscoring (Repeat)
your chain smoking (Repeat)
your beer-drinking (Repeat)
your elbowing (Repeat)
your fine heading (Repeat)
your head butting (Repeat)
kebab eating (Repeat)
your Ba-na-na (Repeat)
juli Alsop, Juli, Juli Alsop, Juli Alsop, you're the one for me.

Comments: In 2004, there was an prank-gone-wrong involving Julian Alsop, a banana, and a youth player's rectum, resulting in him being sacked from Oxford United --- 6 years later, after signing for Cheltenham, this song was born.



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Submitted by: Robson Utting on Monday 10 May 2010 at 20:04

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