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A chant sung by Aston Villa fans about Birmingham City.

As I walked on to the steps of the Holte End,
as I walked on to the Holte End one day,
I spied a poor Blues fan all cut up in ribbons,
all cut up in ribbons and s**t on,
they say I said to that Blues fan,
what have they done to you and why have they treated you in such a way,
he said all I did sir was go up the Holte End and say Aston Villa were all men of clay,
the Holte did not like it they rose up above him,
they kicked in his b*****ks,they kicked in his head and now that poor Blues fan is pushing up daisies,
he's pushing up daisies he's stone f*****g dead,
now let that be a lesson to all of you Blues fans,
who come up the Holte End to sing and to play,
if you say a word against Aston Villa,
it will be the last word that you ever say.

Comments: no bluenoses allowed on holte

To the tune of: Molly Malone



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Submitted by: bunny sale on Monday 31 March 2008 at 14:57

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