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A chant sung by Sheffield Wednesday fans.

Ohh yes we r the owls we love watching football but not at the moment cos we aren't that good at the moment we need to get some new players cos some aren't good enough right now but we love the owls and we will win the league next season come on you owlsssssss we love you but not when you lose 3-to to Charlton after being to-0 up after goals from nuhiu and maguire and then we also lost to Bolton 3-one haha but we are going to finished one6th so that is ok hahaha we love weds uto ftb haha we are going up comeeeeee on nuhiu.

Comments: Good if all the stand joins in.

To the tune of: Don't You Want Me by the Human League



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Submitted by: Anon on Sunday 27 April 2014 at 19:19

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